Welcome to Fuelled.

Fill, track, save.

A simple, extremely low-cost fuel expenditure monitoring tool.
Simply send us an SMS each time you fill up, and we'll do the rest!

Screenshot of the app in action!

How it works.

Create an account

Create an account here - no payment details required. We only require basic information and you'll have full access for 10 days to have a play.

Add your vehicle

Once registered, you can access vehicle management. Just add your vehicle information - or anything, could even add your favourite take-away to monitor !

Add your mobile number

Make sure your mobile number has been added to your account, this is how we link your SMS to your account.

Send us an SMS

Simply send a text to +44 7312 277 035 with how much you've spent, e.g £23.30 and we'll add it to your account!

Give it a try

Send an SMS with how much you spent to +44 7312 277 035 along with the label DEMO - the second word identifies the vehicle when you have multiple, e.g £23.30 DEMO

You can add us to your phone book by clicking here.

Screenshot showing how to text

(not so) Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost, and why?

So it costs me around £4.00 a month for hosting, £2.50 a month for the phone numbers and £15 a year for the domain name, plus my personal time of course!

So I'm hoping by charging only £1 a month for each team it will be enough to cover everything! You get a 10 day trial as well! - You will need to obviously eat into your SMS allowance, but everybody has unlimited texts now right?

You said teams?

Yes! Well, or families? or businesses. What ever you like to call them! Add as many users to your account as you like, that way if you share your car with people everybody can contribute!

What countries do you support?

Currently I've only got 2 number, one for the United Kingdom and one for the United States - so if you're happy to text a +44 or +1 number, then all is good! Hopefully once there's a few users we can expand with other local numbers - If there is a country you specifically want, please get in touch on [email protected] and we can chat! Although we support other countries, all billing is made in £GBP

If you're happy to send us an email instead, simply email us on [email protected] with the subject containing your fill up information.

So privacy and security yeah?

So obviously by using Fuelled you're disclosing certain information to us which we store in a magical database. This includes your name, email, card brand, last 4 digits. Stripe handles your billing details, you can read about it here.

We use one-way bcrypt hashing for passwords and AES-256-CBC encryption for vehicle registrations and SMS data - SMS data gets erased once it has been processed.

You can view our full privacy policy here

Can you extend a trial?

Well it's only £1 but sure, if you need more time just contact support!

Other uses?

So technically... you can use this for anything! If your company has different departments, you can simply replace a Vehicle with a department name! Or even create different lists for past times? e.g Hobbies, Social, Groceries etc... What ever you need 😁